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A Setup Service Fee of $50 per line applies to setup your device and related services. The Setup Service Fee is waived through self-serve on rogers.com (but not through Live Chat and Customer Service). If you require device setup in-store thereafter, a $50 Setup Service Fee will apply. Taxes extra. 1 A $5/month credit available for 24 consecutive months with activation on the plan indicated when fi nancing a device. Student ID or proof of enrollment at a Canadian college, university, or adult learning institution required. Rogers reserves the right to request proof of enrollment at any time. A one-time fee of $50 may apply for existing customers in addition to the Setup Service Fee. Existing customers with an in-market Rogers consumer plan with 6 months or less on their plan switching to the plan above are not eligible to receive this discount. This off er cannot be combined with any other consumer promotions and/or discounts unless made eligible by Rogers. Available to new and existing customers adding a 2nd line or more additional lines to their Rogers Infi nite plan. Excludes stick, hotspot, rocket hub, Talk & Text and Wireless Home Phone additional lines. May not be combined with any other monthly service fee discount ff er unless specifi cally stated. 2 Financing: 0% APR on approved credit with a fi nancing agreement (FA) and a Rogers Infi nite plan. A down payment may be required based on our evaluation of your credit. FA based on full price plus applicable taxes less any Upfront Edge Amount (excluding promo credits, if applicable, which are applied monthly on your bill for as long as your FA is in place); if your FA is terminated your outstanding fi nancing balance becomes due. If your wireless plan is cancelled, the outstanding fi nancing balance becomes due along with your Upfront Edge Amount (if applicable). The promo credit (if applicable) will end in both cases. 3 A $5/month discount is available on eligible in-market consumer Rogers Infi nite plans to customers who set up Automatic Payments on their account (not retroactive). You must keep Automatic Payments active with an eligible plan to maintain this discount. Discount will end if you move to an ineligible plan or cancel Automatic Payments. Rogers & Design and related brand names and logos are trademarks of Rogers Communications Inc. or an a ffi liate used under license. © 2022 Rogers Communications.