Limited time o er, or while supplies last. Subject to change without notice. A Setup Service Fee of $45 per line applies to set up your device and related services. Taxes extra. 1 Samsung Galaxy S21 5G smartphone available for $9.41/mo. plus taxes ($58.34/mo. before bill credit), full price $1,400. Financing: 0% APR on approved credit with a device financing agreement (DFA) and a Rogers Infi nite plan. A down payment may be required based on our evaluation of your credit. DFA based on full price plus applicable taxes less any Upfront Edge Amount (excluding promo credits, if applicable, which are applied monthly on your bill for as long as your DFA is in place); if your DFA is terminated and /or if your wireless plan is cancelled your outstanding fi nancing balance becomes due along with your Upfront Edge Amount (if applicable). The promo credit (if applicable) will end in both cases. 2 Upfront Edge: Program consists of purchase of eligible phone on Rogers Infinite plans with financing; Upfront Edge amount is applied after taxes to lower monthly fi nancing program payments. You must return phone in good working condition (must power up to the home screen, accept a charge, and have the ability to perform a factory reset; LCD/touchscreen must be functioning and cannot have any dark spots, blemishes or broken and/or cracked glass; all accounts and passwords must be removed and/or turned o ; device cannot have been reported lost or stolen) during month 24 (or in months 2-24 while upgrading to a new phone with financing), otherwise Upfront Edge Amount will be charged to your account. Cancelling your services during your 2-year Upfront Edge term will result in charging of Upfront Edge Amount, in addition to your outstanding financing balance. Rogers & Design and related brand names and logos are trademarks of Rogers Communications Inc. or an a liate used under license. © 2021 Rogers Communications.